IPEX companies offer a comprehensive range of thermoplastic materials, products and accessories for a wide spectrum of demanding markets and applications. From systems that convey water, chemicals and gases, to conduit that carries power and data cabling. In resin materials from PVC and ABS to PVDF and PE. From solvent cements and cutting tools to electrofusion systems. No matter the product or application, every IPEX system comes with the integrated system advantage. What this means is that customers can be confident everything they need for their particular application is backed by the same company, instead of buying a piping system with components from different manufacturers.

Ventilation Duct
Leak Detection Device
valves group
Duratec Airline
industrail pipe fitting
plenum group
NS monitoring
clearguard angled
drainguard group white us
Custom Guard
NS neutratank1
Ventilation Duct
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ipex industrial overview
Industrial Product Overview[2]